Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Six Months...And So Many Milestones!

He's so aware of his surroundings now, it's hard to capture him looking up!

My oh my, we've been busy over here in the Birdwell house! William hit a few major milestones the past two weeks that I wanted to share with you! Last Monday morning, we gave him his first experience with solid foods- rolled oats. I made them myself (with William's help, of course!) by chopping the oats in the food processor, cooking them on the stove, and mixing them with my milk.
Mommy's little helper!
In case the pic isn't cute enough, here's a video of his first few bites!

I thought he wasn't sure how to use his tongue since he kept pushing the food out with it, but it turns out that he just didn't like the oatmeal! This week, we introduced avocado to him and he LOVES it! It's so fun to feed such an eager eater!
Stop! No more oatmeal!

Then, just hours after eating his "rolled" oats, he "rolled" over!! He was supposed to be going to sleep in his crib when FLOP, he flipped right over to his back and began playing with his tootsies! Now he rolls over every time you put him on his belly!

My little Roley Poley!
We also went for his 6-month checkup this past Friday. He's now 16 pounds, 11 ounces and 26 1/8 in. long! He's in the 50th percentile for length, weight, and head circumference. He did much better with his shots this time too, with no fussing after it was over. His legs weren't as tender this time either.
We love Dr. Walters!
Such a big boy!
Just in case all of that wasn't enough excitement, he hit another fun milestone this Sunday- he got his first tooth! It was the bottom right central incisor. Then, yesterday afternoon, I felt in his gums to massage them with my finger when- TA DA! He got another tooth!! That explained why he was a little fussy the past few days.  I tried my best to get a shot of those toofers!
TEETH! He tried to grab the camera as I took the picture!

He still LOVES his bath time, and he's a total water baby! So, I decided that a trip to the big tub (aka the YMCA indoor pool) is in order! We're going to start swim lessons next week, so we are going to get a head start and get acquainted with the pool today. It's a four week class, so I'm sure I'll write about that experience sometime in the next month! I hear him waking from his nap- until next time, ciao!
Our chunky monkey water baby!!!

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