Friday, August 3, 2012

My First Reupholstery Project Part 4 of 4: the Galling-to-Glorious Glider

Part 4: The ottoman AND the grand finale!

Yesterday, I was sooooo exhausted all day long. I kept wondering, "What's going on? Why am I so tired?" I mean, I got plenty of sleep the night before, and I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I actually had a pretty relaxing day. Then it hit me- I guess this is what it feels like to be 38 weeks pregnant! I'm not used to things slowing me down, so this caught me a little off-guard. I've had tons of energy for weeks now, and I just expected it to continue. Alas, the time has come when my morning three-mile walks become two, and my thirty-minute afternoon snoozes become two-hour sleep fests. At least we will meet our baby boy very soon...I can't believe he'll be here in the next two to four weeks!
Enough about that, though...let's get back to the glider! I am sooooo happy it's finally finished! This last piece only took us about 20 minutes to complete. All you need is fabric, a staple gun, scissors, and a friend.

Adam was a huge help with this part. It really takes two people to get the job done right- one person to pull and control the tension of the fabric, and one person to operate the staple gun. We started by stapling opposite sides down, and then we did the other two opposite sides. With the material pulled taut, we just stapled the material in place with about an inch between each staple. We left about 2 inches on either end by each corner. The corners were a little bit tricky, because I wanted them to have a smooth but slightly pleated look, so I just worked with tugging and folding them until I got the look I wanted. Then Adam stapled them in place. We put more staples in the corners to give them a stronger hold. Lastly, I went around the underside with my scissors and cut off any additional fabric that was hanging.

Not bad, right?! I am so in love with this fabric! Here's a "bird's eye" view of it:

Now we're ready to rock in style! As promised, I wanted to post a "before" and "after" shot side-by-side so you get the full effect of this glider's transformation. It looks so good in William's room! Most importantly, it's still totally functional, completely customized, looks brand-spanking new, and cost less than I could've bought a new one that I would not have loved as much!

I can't wait to show off the rest of his room. This fabric is what inspired the entire nursery! At first, Adam was concerned it was going to be too girly. Once my vision came together, though, I think he is just as pleased as I am with the results. Thanks for following along, and I hope you found some helpful tips along the way! :)

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